What Causes ADHD?

What Causes ADHD?

This is an concept which parents have been struggling with for as long as these Developmental Disorders have been around. What is wrong in my child’s brain to cause her to behave that way? Why can’t they just sit still? Why does he have to interrupt others all the time?

Neurodevelopmental Issues

Children with ADHD have not moved through their developmental stages appropriately. Certain parts of their brain have not yet been developed. Their developmental process has been blocked or inhibited.

The developmental process is embedded in our DNA. It’s path is well defined and normally follows the developmental steps and stages that mothers know from experience and scientists have been studying for at least a century.

But, for some reason, our ADHD children have encountered something with blocks this well defined pathway. But, if our normal, natural developmental process has somehow been blocked, how does this happen if this process is organized and mandated by our DNA. Does this mean there is a genetic problem?

Introducing Epigenetics

Epigenetics is a new way of understanding how genes work. Basically, genes produce the outcomes that gene is designed to produce unless the gene “switches off” and doesn’t (can’t) do its job.

Epigenetics has played it’s part in Developmental Disorders. Certain genes, involved with driving forward the developmental process, have been “switched off.”

What makes genes “switch off”? What causes this interruption in the normal operation of these genes?

These genes can change their operational mandate when they react to certain environmental factors. This means that when in contact with something our system considers to be harmful, toxic, or dangerous, certain genes will respond and try to protect the human body by changing their expression.

In our program, we begin with a test to determine what your child’s body is reacting to. Then we teach/coach the parents in how to isolate the child from everything that particular child is reacting to. When parents isolate their child from everything the child is reacting to, the child’s genes, the child’s DNA, returns to a normal expression and the starts driving forward the developmental process.

Which Environmental Factors Cause ADHD?

There is no list of ‘things’ which ’cause’ ADHD. It turns out that your child’s ADHD is caused by that individual list of things your child’s body reacts to in your child’s environment. Each child has his/her own menu of things to which they are reacting. So, it means nothing to publish of list of things that a child might be reacting to, because each child’s menu is individual for that child only.

Which Environmental Factors Cause Which Symptoms?

There is no link between any specific environmental factor and ADHD in general or any specific ADHD symptom.

In general terms, a) the symptoms your ADHD child displays is related to the point in their developmental process when/where the process became blocked, and b) the intensity of that blockage.

Trying to connect a specific symptom to a specific environmental factor, in my opinion, a waste of effort. If you want your child to stop their symptoms, then you need to get your child’s developmental process back on track.

Get on our list, so we can contact you as we get our coaching program online. We want what you want, we want your child to be happy, symptom-free, and moving forward developmentally.

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